Man accused of holding kidnapped woman in Oregon garage tried to escape from his jail cell, authorities say

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The individual accused of committing a heinous act against a sex worker, involving sexual assault and confinement within a makeshift cell, made a daring attempt to break free from the Oregon detention facility where he is currently being held. Authorities have revealed that Negasi Zuberi, aged 29, now faces additional charges of second-degree attempted escape and first-degree disorderly conduct, as disclosed by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in an official statement issued on Thursday.

Zuberi’s present incarceration pertains to a federal interstate kidnapping charge and he has been confined to the Jackson County Jail. His troubles escalated when suspicions arose regarding his intentions to orchestrate an escape. The unsettling incident unfolded when a maintenance worker near the jail premises detected an anomalous sound emanating from within one of the cells around 12:45 p.m. on a Tuesday. The ensuing response from deputies revealed Zuberi positioned atop his bunk, adjacent to a chipped window within his cell, according to the statement.

Subsequent investigation of the cell unveiled an improvised tool believed to have been employed in compromising the structural integrity of an interior window section. It’s noteworthy that the facility’s exterior windows are constructed with reinforced glass. In light of this alarming discovery, immediate action was taken to detain Zuberi and transfer him to a windowless cell to prevent further escape attempts, as indicated in the official statement.

Despite these developments, Zuberi’s legal representative has yet to issue a response or comment on the situation. Zuberi’s predicament stems from his arrest last month on allegations that he assumed the guise of a police officer to abduct a sex worker in Seattle. The unfortunate victim was subjected to sexual assault during a distressing journey spanning approximately 450 miles, culminating at Zuberi’s residence in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where she was kept captive within the confines of a garage-based cell.

The woman’s courageous escape was marked by her relentless efforts to break down the cell’s barriers, as recounted by Stephanie Shark, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Portland field office. Zuberi’s subsequent apprehension took place on July 16 following a tense 45-minute standoff with law enforcement in Reno, Nevada.

Stephanie Shark disclosed to NBC News that Zuberi’s identity is shrouded in complexity, with multiple aliases and a history of residing in 12 different states over the past decade. Moreover, a chilling note discovered at his residence hinted at sinister plans for future assaults, further exacerbating concerns about his intentions. As of now, investigations are ongoing and no formal charges have been brought forth in relation to the aforementioned series of sexual assault cases spanning across four states.

The recent attempt to escape custody not only highlights Zuberi’s determination but also underscores the importance of stringent security measures to prevent further potential harm. The case serves as a stark reminder of the need to ensure the safety and protection of individuals who have already endured traumatic experiences, as well as the significance of law enforcement’s tireless efforts in upholding justice and preventing further acts of violence.

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